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Left to right: Chocolate mould, ivory wrist guard belonging to Maurice, Prince of Orange, weathercock, promotional item, Faam peppermint, West-Brabant lace cap, medieval city jug, soap packaging
Image: Studio Aandacht

Left to right: Sacred Heart of Mary, silver Mary’s crown, children’s chasuble, Mary with infant Jesus, silver chalice with paten, sculpture of the Holy Albert
Image: Studio Aandacht

Left to right: Van Nelle tobacco tin, Kwatta packaging, Boldoot bottle, Chairfix by Ben Wilson and Eley Kishimoto, Kwatta soldiers, Silent Silence by Rafaël Rozendaal
Image: Studio Aandacht

Left to right: Bottle from the dwelling of Charles de Héraugière, Klein gaatjesbeest by Carolein Smit, promotional item, Dr Scholl, Blinde draagt lamme by Dick Fluitsma, glass jar containing adder, children’s dress, drinking vessel from the dwelling of Charles de Héraugière
Image: Studio Aandacht

Left to right: Crucifix base with relics, various devotional bell jars, monstrance by jeweller Jan Brom, Christ sculpture, reliquary crucifix
Image: Studio Aandacht

Left to right: Mould for ‘manneke pis’ liquorice, miniature Hero cans, LP sleeve ‘Never mind the Bollocks’, boot-shaped glass, eye tile, Hero Perl illuminated sign, Shv Thinkbook, Bas Kosters suit ‘fashion mutant’
Image: Studio Aandacht

Breda’s Museum closed

As of January 1st 2017, Breda’s Museum is closed for visitors. The new destination of the building is not yet known. 

MOTI closed

MOTI, Museum of the Image, is closed as of January 1st 2017. In the building of MOTI, Stedelijk Museum Breda will open its doors around June 2017. In the meantime, the building will be altered for sustainability and accessibility reasons. The exhibition halls will be installed with presentations on the history of the city of Breda and many other themes. More information on the exhibition programme will be announced soon.

About the museum

Stedelijk Museum Breda is the museum for cultural legacy and history of the city of Breda and for contemporary visual culture. Our key concepts are perception and imagination, attention and connection.

We look to the world with wonder and ask the visitor: what triggers your imagination? We believe that careful observation is the source of knowledge, inspiration and pleasure. In all we do, we reach out to partners within and outside the city.​

Stedelijk Museum Breda will open its doors at Boschstraat in June 2017.

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We thank our partners for supporting Stedelijk Museum Breda:
Stadsarchief, GDFB, Begijnhof, BredaPhoto, Gemeente Breda en collection owners.

Frequently asked questions

General - When is Stedelijk Museum Breda due to open?

The opening is around june 2017. The actual date will be announced as soon as possible. Visit our website regularly for the latest information on the opening and programming.

General - Where can I find more information on exhibitions?

As soon as more information becomes available on the museum programming, it will be posted on this website.

General - Are the museum café and shop at Boschstraat closed as well?

Due to some restructuring work, the café and shop will also close to the public from 1 January 2017. They will reopen simultaneously with Stedelijk Museum Breda around June 2017.

General - I am interested in working or doing an internship at Stedelijk Museum Breda. Where can I see a list of vacancies?

New vacancies open up regularly at Stedelijk Museum Breda. An updated overview is available on our LinkedIn page. And we always look forward to meeting potential interns and volunteers who are eager to acquire some working experience with us.

Education - I would like to visit Stedelijk Museum Breda with a class. Where can I find more information on this?

Reservations - I would like to visit Stedelijk Museum Breda with a group. Is that possible?

The museum is presently closed to the public. You are welcome at Stedelijk Museum Breda for guided tours with groups starting in the spring of 2017. For tailored arrangements and/or to hire halls, please contact us at

Collection - I would like to request an item on loan. Who should I contact?

For questions on loan items, please send your enquiry using the general email address of

Collection - What does Stedelijk Museum Breda’s collection consist of?

The museum’s collection is based on the collections of MOTI and Breda’s Museum. See further information on this page.

Press - How can I obtain visual materials from Stedelijk Museum Breda?

For visual materials, please contact Natali Vermeulen at

Press - Which address should I use to request interviews with staff members of Stedelijk Museum Breda?

For all press requests, please contact Natali Vermeulen at

Contact us

Any questions? Phone us on +31(0)76 529 99 00 (available from Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm) or use the form below. We will reply to your question as quickly as we can.