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A closer look at the collection



A closer look at the collection

Breda’s expansive collections are largely unknown to experts and the wider public. That means you will often be faced with surprises, large and small. What are the stories behind the pieces? Where do they come from? Who made them? Who are the people portrayed in the paintings? 

At the same time, the collections have to be carefully taken care of. What do you have to do to preserve important pieces for the future? How do you restore the damage caused by wear and tear? When is restoration no longer viable? 

The exhibition

In this exhibition, you will see a selection of paintings and objects with a secret or a defect. We actively involve the public in unravelling these secrets. We also show you how we investigate and restore some of the pieces. On some days, you can also see our restorers at work in the museum.

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Practical information

Target group
from young to old
ground floor
Average visiting time
30 minutes
wheelchair accessible