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Stedelijk Museum Breda is an attractive and inviting city museum that is open to ideas, dialogue and cooperation. We bring the city’s history to life and devise original exhibitions on history and visual culture. We challenge young and old to think by asking questions and looking for answers. 


We work together with many partners in the city, ranging from community associations to schools and festivals, and everything in between. Moreover, we are building a network with international museums, artists and exhibition makers . We strengthen Breda’s cultural profile to ensure that, in the future, the city continues to bring people together from all over the world.

Heritage and visual culture

Stedelijk Museum Breda is the museum for the city’s heritage and history and for contemporary visual culture. It was created by a merger of the Museum of the Image (MOTI) and Breda’s Museum. By bringing heritage and visual culture together, we create a unique connection between our core functions: a treasure house, a place to learn, experience and meet, a platform and an attraction


Stedelijk Museum Breda has a varied collection with sub-collections on themes like religion and industry, an extensive visual arts collection and collections of graphic design and digital visual culture.


NEXT is Stedelijk Museum Breda’s project room. In NEXT, the museum organises projects and activities in the context of the I.S.M. Breda cooperation programme. It also offers exhibitions, workshops, lectures and educational programmes for schools, groups and visitors.

Volunteer work and internships

Stedelijk Museum Breda has a staff of 28. To support the staff, we welcome volunteers who feel involved with the museum and would like to contribute. In addition, each year, the museum offers places for two to four interns, who receive professional coaching in achieving their learning objectives.

The staff of Stedelijk Museum Breda


Dingeman Kuilman 

Marilyn Jongenelen
Managing Director


Babette Dekker
Management Assistant

Carla Konings
Financial Administrator

Collection and Exhibitions

Christel Kordes 

Marjolein van de Ven 

Monique Rakhorst 

Amanda Elshout 
Staff member Collections Care

Gina van Beuningen
Staff member Exhibitions and Collections

Ellen van der Corput
Staff member Collection Preservation and Methods

Cynthia Nooyens
Staff member Collection Preservation and Methods

Jeske Jacobs
Exhibitions Project Manager

Lot van de Putte 
Project Manager

Marketing and Communications

Cathelijne Huijs
Head of Marketing and Communications

Charissa Wirken
Staff member Marketing and Communications

Charlotte Verbeek
Junior member Marketing and Communications

Education and Community Participation

Cindy Beck 
Head of Education and Community Participation

Josje Leen
Museum Educator

Ischa Havens
Staff member Community Participation

Visitor Services

Sander van Lankveld 
Head of Visitor Services

Ans Schellinger
Staff member Group Visits and Reservations

Anna Thalia Benus
Staff member Visitor Services

Connie Buijsen 
Staff member Visitor Services

Mohammed Koundi
Staff member Visitor Services

Wiebke Zander
Staff member Visitor Services

Marie-Louise Dielissen
Staff member Visitor Services

Facility services

Ivo Lommers
Head of Facility Management

Twan Bastiaansen
Staff member Facility and Technical Services

Supervisory Board

W.A. Van der Meeren, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CZ

J.M.C. Wijtvliet-Janssens RA, Member of the Audit Committee, Accountant at Ans Wijtvliet Accountancy & Consultancy

F.J. M. Ellenbroek MPM, former Director of Natuurmuseum Brabant

C.L.M. Meeuwis, Member of the Audit Committee

S. Broeren, Marketing & communication professional for the cultural sector, non-profit, government and (sustainable) brands